Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Relevance of Brotherhood

I will call them Rob, Mike, Karl, and Pat as for most this will simply prove average American names. Let’s say the names have been changed for their privacy as all of these men are very private men and their charity equally as private. I have had the pleasure of knowing these men. The kind of men who simply pick up the tab, offer an ear, lend their expertise without question. They give little thought that these services or to these extensions of their time or intellectual exercise.

Each of these men go about their daily lives without much of thought to the changes they have made and continue to make in the lives of their freinds, the poeple they interact with or their community. Hell, it is part of their charm. They make no claim upon the men that they affect. They take no notice the liberalness of their spirit and the fact that they touch everyone around them.

They do not wear giant badges declaring themselves as Masons. They do not claim titles or significance for the Fraternity that they represent. They simply are who they are. They are good. They are an action in action. They do not contemplate doing good. Good is simply apart of who they are, like a heart beat, a breath, or a thought.

They practice brotherhood, the relevance of Brotherhood.


Tom Accuosti said...

It seems that all too often we are surprised to find men like this in the fraternity, when, after all, if you look hard enough one might discover that most of the brothers fit this description to some extent.

Anonymous said...

I agree is amazing just how many good men there are and how many we call Brother.