Thursday, January 24, 2008

Angry at G-d

Sometimes I question. I doubt. I yell. You know it is funny, we claim to love Deity, but many people never yell at G-d and shake their fist, they never shout at him, “Why you unknowable SOB has this happened to me.” We may think it in our deepest recesses, but feel heretical in our Westernized Christian culture really laying one on G-d.

I ask you to think of the other relationships that you have had in your life. Your spouse, your children, your dearest friends; how many times have you been angry enough to yell, scream, etc.. with them. Your relationships with these members of your family reflect the depth of your passion by reflecting the depth of your emotions.

My walk along the Path has been as rocky as the next guys. Enlightenment or Masonic light does not come in a day, in an initiation, or the regular attendance at a lodge meeting. It is not about those things. It is a personal and extraordinary journey with G-d if you let it be. But, in beginning this journey, one of the first steps, in my estimation, is establishing a personal and real relationship with Deity. Stop naming him, labeling him, and assigning him human attributes and then praying to a figure that truly does not enter into your day, outside of an impersonal prayer made with no expectation that it might be fulfilled. Hope in an outcome is the foolish man’s faith. Hope, as a system of faith based on intuition and a closeness to Deity is an aspect of the Truth.

So my message for today, something I took from Masonry. Love G-d enough to yell at him, love him enough to be impassioned about him.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Leg Up

“Masonry is just a bunch of good ol’ boys trying to give each other a leg up.” Then I punched him in the nose. No, I didn’t, but I thought it raised a couple of interesting points.

In our world the greats seem gone and Harry Potter rues the day as the big seller. It has become a societal condition that we look no further than our daily grind. As a society our churches turn away the homeless as smelly, we work 60 hour weeks, by houses that we promptly build fences around and purchase alarms for, our children are to precious to allow them to play in the yard for fear they will be victimized, we barely find time for family and friends. We, as a society, fear giving someone a leg up, even those who desperately need one.

We have come to view it as a weakness even. How sad.

Then there is the Fraternity. We gladly greet one another with a hug. We have a list of phone numbers of perfect strangers that we call Brother that we have met in e-Masonry and care for. We care for our Masonic community, we care for their families, and we care the communities we live in. We have active lives, but tend to enjoy many friendships and have a strong sense of family. And yes, we would gladly give a man a leg up, whether he was a Mason or not. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

Giving, helping, assisting, warning, are all laudable pursuits for the man who is fulfilled spiritually and therefore does not covet the goods of a world that will never make him rich.

So break out a pen or simply print the page, as I am on record as a good ol’ boy who is proud to say he would give a man, lady, or even the needy pet….a leg up…two legs if I have it.

The Fraternity is not for everyone and it is certainly not for those who might suspect it of dark conspiracies. But our communities benefit from us everyday and every second we live in them.

--The Legged Up Relevant Mason