Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Stone

Einstein died yesterday. He was my little old dog. He was 18. Can’t say that I didn’t see it coming in that he was almost bald, partly blind, and completely deaf. He had been a member of the family since we first got married and it is strange without him around making his little presence known.

I shared this sadness with two Brothers from my lodge. Didn’t speak on it long, just mentioned that I was feeling a bummed as one might say. Brother Rob and I met for lunch later that day and he took to lunch, bought me a Filet Mignon, and engaged me in some great conversation. He did it without thought, without batting an eye, without anything except a desire to assist a brother and friend whom he knew was on the sad side.

Brother Walt, the other man I spoke to, stopped by my office for some other business we had to attend to, again, engaged me in some wonderful conversation and left me with a book. I am a complete bibliophile so the book was a great cheer up.

I am not naïve enough to believe that Masonry is the only place with kind and loving people that would show their friend compassion on a sad day, but the concentration is greater in many ways I do believe. When much of the world sets out to protect their assets and bicker about liability, Masons are quietly improving themselves and assisting their Brothers.
I heard spoken of Brother Manly Hall his formula for magic in this world, “Work hard, weed your garden, and take care of your home, be a friend…that’s magic.”

So, how is Masonry relevant….well it’s magic, and I thank my Brothers for the spell they cast yesterday. It was needed and well received.