Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Necessity of Consequence

We learn from the time of our youth that we must turn the other cheek, we must do unto others as we would like done unto us, respect your elders, forgiveness is divine. These are all laudable pursuits and ideals and I mean in no way here to demean their importance, but I wonder if we have balance in our lives sometimes as we approach these principles.

In the local paper I read that a man was arrested for beating up a suspected burglar breaking into his vehicle

The report with the Associated Press states:

Twenty-six-year-old Shane Kramer is in fair condition at Medical Center of the Rockies, four days after he was beaten.

Authorities say 28-year-old Gerald Oliveri of Loveland was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault. He is being held in the Larimer County jail on $250,000 bond.

Oliveri has no listed home phone number, and it's not immediately known if he has an attorney.

Police say Oliveri suspected Kramer of breaking into a car early Saturday. There were conflicting reports on whether the car belonged to Oliveri or his girlfriend.

Police spokesman Benjamin Hurr says Kramer was bleeding and had severe injuries when officers arrived.

No charges have been filed against Kramer.

Colorado's "Make My Day" law gives property owners the right to use deadly force in their homes to protect themselves or their property from crime.

Hurr says the law does not apply in this case because the incident was not in a home.

Have we lost all sight of Justice and Consequence? It appears that we only have the right to pursue happiness if some hopped up methamphetamine user doesn’t decide to try and take it first and then if does, don’t get in his way.

Some Grand Lodges in Masonry have gone the route of removing the ancient penalties from the rituals and obligations and I believe this follows the same line of foolishness and illogical behavior.

Look, (if you have been reading the blog you understand I need to use a food analogy or two or I just don’t feel right), arresting the company that prints the nutritional information on the outside of a candy bar for making people fat does nothing to make people skinny and it targets the wrong person. It is kind of like arresting a man who beats up a burglar in hopes to decrease violence.

There is a certain kind of violence of spirit and assault on the psyche as well, and if you have ever had to sleep in a home the night after it was burglarized, then you understand this is no victimless crime. It robs you of security and piece of mind and these wounds can take much longer to heal than a good butt kicking.

When did forgiveness come to mean apathy? When did freewill become equal to a lack of consequence? Freewill can not exist in the absence of consequence. When it does we have anarchy and the mentally or physically weak are no longer free to act under the oppression of mob rule (think Hiramic Legend here Brothers).

We do a disservice to ourselves when a cowardice of spirit allows us to convince ourselves that because the business of justice and consequence is difficult and lacks fun, that it is wrong, cruel, or unnecessary.

The lamb distrust and dislikes the sheep dog, they are big, they bark, they are scary and they remind him that the wolf is ever present. Pretending that the wolf will only steal one lamb and you are most likely not the lamb as a reason to dismiss or punish the sheep dog has the same logic of the tales of old when the city sacrificed a virgin to the town monster. The true sustenance of the monster is fear.

Right and good does not always equate to happy and fun. They are all exclusive and there are more than a few things that fall into the fun category that have never even scene the library that lends the book called “good.”

Masonry provides the penalties of the obligation for a reason. With freewill there needs and should be consequence…good and bad. Remember reward is not a guarantee or an entitlement. The minute we convince ourselves that negative consequences are not necessary, the rule and guide of our conduct is out of balance.

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The Punisher said...

People today don't understand the value of a good a$$ whoopin'. Drill instructors can tell you that what today takes three days to drill into a new recruit used to take only 15 minutes back in the day when you could lay your hands on some dumb M-F-cker and get his undivided attention to teach him a lesson that would stick. The wicked should be punished, the unattentive should not cry when someone whacks them on the back of the head and wakes there dreamy a$$ up from daydreaming to actually learn something...accountability is going down the tubes and now what recourse do we have...if no one can do anything physical that can actually make someone pay attention or fear retribution, what is there to motivate anymore....