Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obligations, Charges, Jesters, and the Shrine



thejrzboy said...

See also this interesting article on how their funds are spent.

KSigMason said...

Well written article. On a few of the anti-Masonic sites I've spoken on, the Jesters have definitely been a thorn in the reputation of our venerable Fraternity.
- Barry

Jesse Slater said...

This information about the Jesters shakes me deeply, Brother Porter. The articles you linked by Sandy Frost truly disturbed me. Her writing references legal cases and other third-party information, but also includes poorly documented first-party research (such as interviews). This leaves me unsure of how to take her credibility, with (for me) is primarily based on your feeling her reference-worthy.

Questions One: Have these men, convicted of sex crimes, been properly expelled from all Masonic bodies?

Question Two:
If her extensive allegations are correct, the ROJ has organized sex rings/prostitution as part of its recreation. Is this true? If so, I am appalled as to how it can continue as an affiliated body?! This disturbs me greatly, brother, and I hope that you can help shed some further light on these matters for me.

Jesse Slater said...
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