Monday, January 4, 2010

Answering Dan Brown Question

I was asked the other day how one should answer questions about Dan Brown's new book the Lost Symbol.

My answer was and remains as follows:

My recommendation is not to apologize for Masonry and not to spend your time trying to "debunk" the Lost Symbol. In general, it was accurate. Masonry, in my estimation is a transformative art that does have the capability to transform matter.

It is fine and accurate to say, "I'm sorry, but I can't talk about that." But why should we nitpick the novel when it is so utterly positive. In many ways Dan Brown got Masonry better than some of its own members. The perspective that it is special, should be guarded and treated as such, and has the power to transform lives is 100% accurate.

Look people in the eye and say, "Yes we are a secret society, slightly less secretive these days and I believe this is the to the detriment of the Craft because the mystery we do have and is under the constant apology of so called intellectuals lining up at the cameras on behalf of Masonry in hopes of garnering numbers is sickening. The Craft is not for everyone, most men should not be members, not because the Craft is bad, but because they truly are not good enough in heart, mind and spirit to be members. That is what makes it special.

You may call me an elitist, but I must be honest, the world could use a little more elitism, a world where people cared to their core about themselves, about others, and about the condition of the world. A world where people hated the idea of remaining idle and spent their time, energy and money truly trying to improve themselves, and therefore, their community.

So go ahead, line up. Let the Christmas Christians and the closest conspiratorialist line up to declare we are evil. You likely know that in your heart of hearts, even if you had a dues card, the true secrets of Masonry would allude you just like they alluded the villain in Dan Browns' story."


D'Aratgh said...

Here, here well said.

Masonic Art Exchange said...

Couldn't agree more Bro Cliff

Greg said...

Fr. Cliff - wonderful!!!!!! I can probably name those who got their knickers in a twist to a man. The Craft has been severely damaged by those men - as good as some of them are as upright men - who have tried to turn Freemasonry into "Kiwanis with aprons" (no disrespect to Kiwanis, but they are not Freemasonry). The constant apologetics, turning a blind eye to the Mysteries contained in the Ritual, the bringing in new members who think joining the Craft is a wise business move, and the feeling the need to justify ourselves to the profane is nauseating. As I tell people - being a Freemason is not a right, it is a privilege. I have been in countries where Freemasons live in fear - of both official and physical attacks - yet they continue to be strong. I wonder how many Masons in the US would do they same if faced with the same persecution. Freemasons were one of the first targets for Hitler - not because they had better picnics or BBQs than his party or more pins, or cooler hats - but becasue Freemasonry, its ideals, and the transformative effect of its Philosophy and its Mysteries, on the members has been the bane of tyrants, bigots, zealots, and the small minded for centuries. Is there any more powerful force on Earth than a Mind that has been exposed to the Light of Illumination? I think not. Freemasonry is the custodian of a golden thread of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Light passed down through the Ages, from time immemorial - a thread that claims Liberty of Thought is greater than blind obedience; a thread that has shown that by improving yourself for the good of Humanity, you can improve Humanity; a thread that has shown that a single Light of Truth in the Abyss of Oppression is more powerful than all the Armies in History; a tradition where there is no greater or more honored title than "Brother."



Anonymous said...
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Ben Gage said...

just found your site, will stop by more often, thanks...